Saturday, July 30, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session VII

Bear Baiting... That's what they did. The party came up with an ingenious idea to get into the Orc town. They paid a ranger in town to get a bear, paid the blacksmith for a cage, dressed up like gypsies and went into the orc town to provide 'entertainment'. Here's what happened in brief.

 The Meeting
Party discusses scouting the orc village while they are in the comfort of the Inn. A scout delivers a map of the orc town to the party and tells them that there were maybe a hundred orcs and a little less goblins. The party decides that that means that there are probably around 30 orc warriors and the same number of goblins. They spend the early morning purchasing supplies.

Sunrod x2 for 8 gp, Healer's Kit 42gp, Disguise kit 45gp and Meg purchases four 50gp value HalfMoon Waterdehavian trade bars so that she is able to lighten her load from Rimmers General Store.The party discusses with Jeral the Huntsman and Bart of the militia to scout and find a bear. Jeral agrees to hunt and capture the bear for a 50gp sum he will capture the bear and provide food but they had to get their own cage. They get a cage from the blacksmith for 20gp which includes wagon and cage rental for one week.  The group pitches the idea of bear baiting to the magistrate and to try to talk with the orcs to see if they can be used to patrol the town. The magistrate reluctantly agrees and gives them a scroll with his seal telling them to deliver it to the head orc Raggedtooth.

The Ruse and Bear Baiting Gone Wild
In the town the party attempt the ruse and are successful in entertaining the orcs. The orcs toss goblins and Tyne into the cage with the bear and the bear nearly bites off Tyne's head. The goblins aren't so lucky. After a brief skirmish to see if the party is strong enough they decide to allow the gypsies continue entertaining them.

Meanwhile Meg enters the town as Elation, in her true Succubus form and befriends a goblin who takes her to where Kol and the other big ones are meeting in a small house in the town. Meg listens to the door and hears a female voice say "Kol if you ever want to see Arianne alive you would do as I say!" She also hears the name House Ducat and several muted conversations in Abyssal, Draconic and Undercommon.

This was a fun and humorous session that also had a large element of danger for Tyne. I was impressed with the party's ingenuity.

XP Awards
 - Orc Leader CR 3 (1/2 xp) = 450xp
 - Orcs CR 1/2 x 6 - CR 3 = 900xp
 - Goblins CR 1/2 x3 - CR 1  300xp
 - Roleplaying CR 2 = 600xp
 - Story Award & Planning CR 3 = 900xp
 - Orc Wizard CR 3 = 900xp
    - Total XP  =  4050 /4  = 1012.5xp each

Awarded Jaz (Quinlan) 50xp for Bear Baiting Idea.

Maps used Scrying Eye Games-  Orc Town

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