Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session VI

At midnight the party returns to the room where they defeated the goblins. They find the door where Meg heard the voices. It is an Iron Door and is protected by a Fire Trap which the Rogue was unable to find. The trap goes off and singes the party.

Inside the room they find a desk, fireplace and a bed. Sigrid searches the room and finds a chest tucked under the bed. Meg and Quinlan listen at the door and hear draconic voices. The voices say "Why do I always end up with crummy guard duty? What's so valuable that we need to guard this corridor anyway?" Another voice says "Will you shut up before I turn you into a fine pair of boots!" The party chuckles at their good fortune as they realize that the voices apparently are so engaged in conversation that they do not hear the party behind the door.

"Well I'm checking anyway." the door opens and a battle ensues in which the party is engaged by two small lizardmen types called skinks. The skinks put up a good fight but Meg is able to overcome one with a charm ability and the skink goes off in search of 'help for his new friends.'

Meanwhile the party searches the chest and finds a burning hands trap which they are able to disable. Then more voices is heard down the hallway as Megs 'friend' approaches with several lizardmen and a bunch of skinks. At that point the party leaves attempting a ruse by telling the lizardmen that "Kol is waiting for them".  They succeed in bluff checks and the lizardmen guard the room while they steal the treasure behind closed doors.

OR is he?
Later Meg is contacted by an entity who shows her the orc village and says "This is where Kol is. Find him and kill him."

The party heads to the town to warn of the impending attack.

In town
That morning the magistrate and the party meet to discuss battle plans and defensive plans against an attack that never comes. They do an excellent job of fortifying their position but no attacker shows.

Total XP 800/4 =200xp each

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