Tuesday, July 26, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session V

Return to the Mine
The party enters the mine to find the pit trap has been reset!  They explore the graveyard and find that the mausoleum is undisturbed. Further exploration reveals that two of the graves were recently disturbed as the earth appears newly tilled. I roll for a random trap on the mausoleum door and it is a basic arrow trap. The party however does not go into the mausoleum as I expected and instead returned to the stairs in the room with the sliding door inside the mine where they find three sacks containing a total of 200 gp and 4000 cp.

A Magic mouth appears on the wall and says in Abysal "Ye who steal from this place will perish by the setting of the sun!" The mouth spits out green dust and the entire party is forced to make fortitude saves. All succeed except Tyne on whom an hourglass shape appears on her forehead. It begins to drain the sands as if time is ticking away. A great deal of discussion later and Tyne frantically downs the poltice that the Witch of Weejas made for him and it canceled the spell (it was an ingested dispell magic).

The Enemy of My Enemy is my Enemy
The party continues to explore the map and finds the next room's door unlocked that contains a steep ledge and shaft and a pillory. Inside the room is a hobgoblin and four goblins who are eating at a table. The party surprises the goblins and a fight ensues. During the fight the goblins are reinforced by four more goblins in the corridor. Before he dies one goblin says to Meg "You are not human" before Meg's greatsword slices the critter in half.

After the party destroys the goblins and defeats the hobgoblin they approach another room. Meg listens at the door and can make out the following words from the muffled voices inside. "The Black Ride. The meeting. Noon. Retaliation. 15,000 gp, Master WeJass, Magistrate Van Reede. Kol."

Severely wounded from the fight with the goblins and not wanting to take on another foe the party retreats to the room with the magic mouth to rest. During the night Sigrid hears a group of people going through the room and then something speaking in a strange language which Meg is able to identify as Abyssal. Meg at this time admits she is a Succubus but is on the path of Light. There is much discussion about if they should trust her.

Could the Magistrate be behind the mine hauntings? The party heads back to warn the town of the attack!

XP Awarded
 - Poison Gas Trap CR 2 - 600 xp
 - Portcullis - CR1 - 300 xp
 - Goblins and Hobgoblin CR 2 - 600xp
 - Goblins in Corridor CR 1 - 300xp
Total xp = 1800/4 - 450xp each.

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