Monday, July 18, 2011

Steampunk Toys

While not 'gaming' related this is surely geek related. Some of you already know that I do a lot of various reenacting and costuming such as 501st Vader's Fist, Cowford Steampunk Society and St Augustine Swashbucklers. Yesterday at the Cowford meeting we discussed steampunk guns and how to build them.

Well Von Zephyr Industries has developed a steam-powered hand cannon that we have named Leistungsstarke dampf pistole and a smaller one we call Dampf pistole. These guns while not for the feint of heart can provide hours of cosplay entertainment for even the most avid steampunk affectionado.

Utilizing an experimental and highly volitile admixture of steam and cholorine gas the Leistungsstarke dampf pistole is capable of expelling a bullet at almost fifty kilometers per second! The smaller Dampf pistole uses a portable steam turbine to power and a slight electrical charge which is built up in the sembian coils. When fired both guns emit a low frequency vibration that is detectable to lower primates.

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