Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Movie Review - Suckerpunch

Other than scantily clad women running around doing cool fighting moves and fighting the bad guys what was the point of this movie? Graphics were cool but the plot seemed flat somehow. I get the whole 'we're our own angels bit' but what was the point? I will say that the old psychiatry stuff was interesting such as the the lobotomy and shock treatment. Still, the movie fell flat for me. What are your thoughts?

I give it two out of five stars.


  1. I couldn't watch it to the end, got bored. Too many effects, too much happening, overdose of actions...

  2. Terrible dialogue, flat characters, and an awful gummed-up plot. The weird "you strip for them so we can go to the Matrix" bit was the only interesting conceit.

    The scenarios they were dropped into were terribly forced, especially the bit where the thing on the train -- which had no relation to a kitchen knife -- was 'code-named KITCHEN KNIFE'. What?

    The bus driver guy showed up at the end with that stupid recurring "one more thing" line, which, if the "one more thing" had revealed something important each time might have been a nice touch, but in this case, it sounded like exactly the kind of hollow embellishment that gets liars caught all the time.

    Mark my words: some 'adult film' studio is going to make a knockoff of this one and it's going to be better than the original.

  3. @Dr Willett and JR I agree with both of you. I would have liked to have seen more plot. The effects were meh. I didn't get the train scene either but 'someone had to make a sacrifice'. The ending was kind of lame too.

  4. @JR - hahaha "And one more thing..." queue pron music.