Thursday, July 21, 2011

Full Thrust - Chaos versus Imperials

Pop and I played a game of Full Thrust last night. We used identical ship sats and I played the Chaos and he played the Imperials. I tossed in a Deathstar and the Raider Battlestation for fun but they were just for show. The objective of the game was complete annihilation.

I rushed him this time. I positioned my ships by the planet and near the moon in a protected formation taking cover from the planet and the nearby moons and fired off all of my missiles tearing his capital ships into small pieces. He fired back his missiles but held a few in reserve. That turned out to be a bad move as I knocked out his missile launchers before he was able to fire the remaining one. The battle lasted only six turns or so but it ended in a glorious victory for the agents of Tzeentch!

One lone light cruiser was able to escape from the clutches of the Emperor’s Bane Heavy Cruiser his radio traffic picked up by nearby Hivefleet Lazarus.  His fate is unknown…

I have all the details and some of the pictures for the Superdungeon sessions VI and VII and will post them later this evening if I get the chance.

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