Monday, July 4, 2011

CoTS - World Stone - Session III

We spent the first hour in several serious rounds of life and death combat as the six beholders' kept firing disintegration and finger of death rays at the party. Ariadne was caught in an antimagic zone and used her robe to produce a magical dagger which she flung down the hallway right into the main eye of a beholder - destroying the eye! Grusk continued to use hit and run tactics and pummeled the life out of one of the creatures. The Solar and Lavindra were able to take one out before both failing pray to a disintegration ray which knocked them out cold. Kreek and Marcus' arrows provided cover and they were able to aim their attacks to take as much damage to the eye stalks as they could and together they defeated one more of the beasts. Finally Farkus Fraknus (my dad's character) came charging in with his spring attack and spinning greatsword cleaved one in half and that was the end of those beholders.

During the battle, Ariadne is whisked away with the telekinetic eye ray of one of the beholders to his lair. The beholder reveals that he is a beholder mage when he shows his cental eye is gouged out. He tells her that he is not like his kin and wishes magic and knowledge. She agrees to give him her robe in exchange for letting her live and for information. "The Great Mother sees all, knows all. You are indeed deep beneath Faerun in a beholder hive city of Targash."

On the beholders the party finds a prism that has a number on three sides 1,2,3 and a riddle that says "The answer lies inside the fourth number twice after once". They pocket the prism and decide to investigate it further later. 

They find a door that Greya says is magically trapped with both flame strike and metorshower. Ariadine uses dispell magic on the door and makes quick work of the trap. The room is full of treasure and in the interest of the power level of the game and the stuff in the room they find 2000 platinum in the room and can either add a power to their weapon or item or they can pick a minor or moderate magical item right out of the dmg. This way they can look and we can keep playing (they are so high level anyway).

The next room has a door with the inscription that appears to be beholder poetry "The Eye from Beyond, is mother to all, inside her great mass we come to devour, ruling and conquering those that are lesser, for the greatest of joy is to be like the mother, all others must be destroyed, I am superior in all respects, except the mother, in her mass we come to devour" The party makes some kind of comment about the superiority complex of whoever wrote it and Ariadine says "Well no kidding they are beholders." Marcus adds "Not a pleasant dinner guest." They laugh and cautiously open the door to find another riddle "Enter by day, Slumber by noon, awake by the setting."

The room beyond is a fiery red hell. Two spots on the floor are open and beneath them within reach of the floor are pools of lava. The room is extremely high and vaulted and inside is a octopus headed gurgling aquatic beast that drains the sanity from Farkus and commands him to set him free. The beast is chained to two small pillars. The chains go into a lock that resembles a triangle shaped pattern. Farkus attacks Ariadne and hurts her but Kreek is able to use her silver chain to bind the fighter while Marcus slaps him conscious. Grusk then introduces himself to the beast who says that the little puny creatures cannot pronounce his name without going mad so they can call him Shulleah. Grusk says he's a demigod and Shulleah laughs. After a bit of time they decide to release the demon in the hopes that it will kill the beholder that trapped it. The demon leaves in an explosion of fire and smoke and maniacal laughter.

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