Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Pirates of Dark Water, Dungeon and Dragons the Series, Zelda, Johnny Quest, Top Cat. We all have favorites. In many games I've been in and ran I've used and seen plots and themes from cartoons from my childhood and from cartoons that are currently running. Who hasn't used a Macross or Cowboy Bebop type with an anime or gritty sci fi game like Shadowrun? Who hasn't tossed in a bit of the old dungeons and dragons in their dnd games? Who hasn't thought about beating cobra or VIPER (if you remember MASK) and what fan of cartoons would forget Thunder - Thunder Thunder Cats - HO!

What was your favorite cartoon growing up?


  1. Thundarr the Barbarian. Accept no substitutes. ;)

  2. I'm older so it was Jonny Quest as a 6 to 8 year old, followed by Captan Scarlet (not a cartoon persay) Gigantor, and Space Ghost.
    As a young teen Star Trek, Sealab 2020, and
    Wacky races (and spin offs). Didn't really see any more till my late 20s then it was GI Joe,
    Transformers and others.

  3. Favorite Cartoon? I think I can only give you a top 5... without babbling on forever...

    1) Pirates of Dark Water. Best fantasy cartoon ever made.
    2) Gargoyles.
    3) Avengers. I realize it's new, but I really like the series.
    4)Yuusha Raideen. Actually the first real cartoon outside of Seaseme Street that I saw. Giant Robots was kinda a natural thing after that.
    5) Battle of the Planets, which naturally leads me to Gatchaman later in life.

    Honorable Mentions 1: My Little Pony hour. No, seriously, this was a fantastic show for the first half of season one. The Pilot Episode is well worth watching on it's own. While MLP:FiM is *really* good, there was an edge to the first series when it started that was really about adventure.

    Honorable Mention 2: Mighty Ducks. I know a lot of people hated this series, but I am just in love with it. If I was to make a superhero team, I'd want the Ducks. In fact, as a superhero world goes, it's really fun, and I think if viewed as such, it's a really good show.

    Honorable Mention 3: Justice League Unlimited. The series dedication to the B line characters is brilliant, and comes close to putting the Superman Cartoon Series (90's) to shame.

    I could keep going on and on, really... but I think I'll stop here.

  4. I've been watching Robotech on Netflix, and while that would have topped my list 20 years ago, it hasn't aged too well, IMHO. Ditto G.I. Joe (but I still love the old Larry Hama comics).

    Pirates of the Dark Water, visually, was amazing.

    Heh. I remember seeing stuff in the D&D cartoon that defied the D&D rules and calling BS on it. ;)

    I've gained a new appreciation for Thundarr now that I've been watching it on Boomerang.