Friday, July 29, 2011

Black Flags and Merchantmen

This is the name of the pirate game being developed at The ArmChair General. I am working on getting a fast-play skirmish game that allows the use of 28mm pirate figures and 28mm powers figures. This game will feature multiple aspects of the Golden Age of Piracy including the truth and the fantasy that surrounds piracy. The game will also include a great deal of history on the high seas, criminal implications of piracy and have an optional rules set for ship only combat. This will allow a group to play either historically accurate or play with a bit of 'buried treasure' as they see fit.

What would you like to see in a pirate skirmish miniatures game?


  1. Oh God. More editing. hehehehehehehe

  2. This book isn't just going to be about pirating. It will also contain many buccaneer and corsair type scenarios. I think it would be cool to redo the attack on Panama for instance.

  3. The Courier had an article that was published years ago on that very raid - wonder if you could get permission to use it as a scenario in your rules!!