Sunday, July 10, 2011

Ancient City Con V - Photos

Overall the con was a blast. We went by there Saturday all day and came home really late. I got to hang out with my steampunk group - The Cowford Steampunk Society and the 501st Vader's Legion. I think I am going to join the 501st as an Imperial Officer. I am also working on my Steampunk stuff still. It was great catching up with all of my old friends.

It Came from Beyond the Galactic Reaches
The Space Opera game went well. While I did not have as many players as I would have liked we did have a full table. The explosion in the cargo hold of the ship started off the game. The players rushed back there but saw the droids acting erratically. Luke sensed a dark side force user behind the door and Sam Carter used her abilities to get the droid fixed. The Jedi used his mind control and attempted to make contact with the dark force user who was overcome by Skywalker's force so much that Skywalker was able to rifle through the dark force user's mind and put her to sleep. A sith!

They were able to get into the door when Skywalker used his move object powers to open the door since it would not take their access cards. Once inside they witnessed and took place in a firefight between Stormtroopers and the ships' security guards. The STs were taking something from the ship - looked like two naquada reactors. During this particular battle some of my friends from the 501'st came by and made us all know exactly how well they would like us if their comrades in arms fell to the 'rebels'.

A lot of roleplaying later and they all learned from the Asguard that someone was building a giant ray guy with the intent of destroying the wormhole which The Doctor brought the group together through. One the hole was destroyed this evil genius would destroy all other realities. "Sounds like a bug to me sir." said Reco. How right he was...

The group entered a stargate on the transport and went to the base where the bad guys were. There they encountered purple-faced warriors of Mongo and after a show-down with Ming's forces they were able to stop the ray guy from destroying reality...

The Pit and The Riddle of Tindalos
 The next two games I ran were the interconnected Call of Cthulhu games - The Pit and the Riddle of Tindalos. Great fun game. The players were hired by a Mr Blackstone to investigate the disappearance of Dr. Cornwallis of Misk. U who is being investigated for stealing an ancient Greek artefact called The Horn of Tindalos. There was a lot of roleplaying and investigating including several locations around town including the morge, the police station and the mansion of Mr Blackstone. Finally, they ended up on Lyle St investigating a Brotherhood and coven of Witches who was supposedly executed in the 1860s.

Once at the address they were ambushed by zombies who crawled their way from the ground where the house should have been, found that the house had been buried, and learned the fate of Dr. Cornwallis. They also learned that the horn was being used to summon something from some horrible place by reading a painting they found in the good Dr. Cornwallis' office in Misk U. The next session they digged their way down into the ground and found the house's roof. They uncovered the door and went inside. There they found a deep dark pit some thirty feet deep.

The next session they went into the pit, found a cube which turned out to be a key and used it to open hidden chambers within the pit that led deeper and smelled strongly of fish. One investigator went temporarily crazy and half the party almost died fighting the deep ones and navigating two cthulhu statues in the chambers. The final showdown was between the players and the cultists (brotherhood and witches) the sister's of Mercy and the Ordos Malifux. As the child was being scarified one of the players who was already crazy decided it would be best to shoot the kid instead of allowing the ceremonial dagger to spill the blood and awaken the beast that they heard about in the riddles. In the end, the players won but barely. I was quite impressed with their effective, if not very grim and dark solution to the problem.

Don't fear...

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