Friday, June 3, 2011

WTNW - Demo at Borderlands

I ran a demo of When the Navy Walked at Borderlands. Chip is carrying our books and has already pre-ordered the Conflict on Mars and the Airships and Skypirates book. Randy, Alex and Terry (one of my playtesters and an all around good guy) showed up to play.

We only got a few turns in as we started late per Randy not being able to get there until close to eight pm but in that first hour I believe that I was able to teach two people who really do not and have not played miniatures games before how to play miniatures games. I personally think that says a lot about the playability of WTWN.

The game went well enough. The Luftbombers scored an internal hit on the Littleton Landship and I got to play with my Zyklops model for the first time! The setup was pretty straight forward and a meeting engagement. Everyone who played liked it and wants me to run more demos.
Martian Empires Walkers work well for WTNW

BTW I am looking to put together some demo teams. If anyone is interested there may be some goodies in it.

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