Friday, June 17, 2011

SuperDungeon Session IV

Return of the Weary
The party returns to town licking their wounds from the attack with the fallen mites. Just as they are about to get into town Meg and Tyne begin to feel very ill. Sigrid uses her combat training and believes that they have both contracted filth fever.

They go to the Temple of the Lords to visit the Minister of AO Eion Magee who examines them and confirms Sigrid’s suspicion. The Minster makes a poultice that is horrible smelling and applies it liberally to Meg and Tyne who begin to feel slightly better. “It is not magic but it will do the trick. You will have to stay about three or four days until the fever lessons.” Therefore, the party rests for four days in the Temple of the Lords in Fairhaven and is taken care of by the locals of the temple.

While resting Meg comes across a Longsword in the basement of the temple. The Longsword bears the symbol of the Silver Flame and has the word IVALTH written on it which translates to Radiant One in Celestial. It is the name of the sword. Meg begins her long path towards Palidinhood but continues in her path of becoming and instead takes a level in her race.

 Tyne also seeks out another and after a brief but very strange meeting with a Warlock of Weejass named Dibaj she seeks out the only mage in town – a younger man by the name of Yarannis and offers her services as a book binder and scribe to the mage in exchange for lessons. The mage agrees and we find Tyne in the den of his tower with a mess to clean up and the spells unseen servant and prestigitation. Sometime after a week, Tyne is able to master both. Yarannis is very impressed, teaches Tyne the secrets of the first circle of magic, and Tyne takes a level of mage. Yarannis gives Tyne a magical bag which she is able to extract ‘a few’ healing potions from per day but is warned not to over use it at it leads to a place called Sigil.

Meanwhile, Sigrid has been training with Magistrate Van Reede’s Master at Arms and has become more proficient with attacking those that let their guard down. She levels and gains the Combat Reflexes feat. Finally, the Bard Quinlan succeeded in wooing several people from town with his silver tongue and gains more proficiency as a bard.

The Brigands!
The party is ambushed on the way to the mines. Only Tyne is able to see the ambush before it’s too late. The ambush consists of two Brigands on horseback and three goat-men like centaurs called bariurs. During the battle the leader attempted to have his mage (the other one on horseback) use a sleep spell on the party which failed and was bested in hand to hand combat by the Bard. Lucky for him though Quinlan used the blunt edge of his sword and only knocked him out.

As the battle was coming to a close a group of mites attacked both the party and the Brigands. This gave the remaining brigands – which consisted of the mage, the leader and one bariur  - time to rush back into the woods and get away. The mites proved an annoyance but were not fallen and were easily dispatched after some well made tactical decisions.

The party searched the bodies of their fallen enemies and found a potion that they identified as protection from acid or fire, 100 gp and three blue quartz gems worth 10,10,20 gp each.

Total XP
-          Journaling – 50
-          Roleplaying – 50
-          Bariur Warriors CR 1/3 x 3 = 300
-          Brigand Leader CR 2 = 600
-          Mites CR ¼ x 4 = 300
Total XP = 1300/4 = 325

Note: Since he was not at the last game due to being sick, Don was awarded 125xp from miniature painting he did for me in the past and that allowed Meg to level.

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  1. I dig the Planescape nod - Bauriurs. I thought those guys were really neat.

    Sounds like a great session.