Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session III

Upstairs Investigation
So the party ascends upstairs to investigate. I randomly roll an 84 - nothing in the room. I had previously set this room up to have a sliding wall so I kept that and the secret exit to the graveyard. They enter the room and very careful explore. Tyne tosses her torch into the room to illuminate all of it but something puts the torch out.

Investigating, Sigrid and Quinlan discover a breeze about calf height that is coming from the far wall as well as a false floor under which are stairs leading down. Tyne continues to check the room. I roll his search checks. She fails to notice the peg near her foot as she sets off the wall and is trapped in total darkness with a giant spider that she sees descending from its hole in the wall.

Trapped with a giant spider!
Spider Battle
After a long battle with the spider that poisons Tyne to the tune of putting her at a 10 strength and -7 hit points the party enters the room and chases the spider back into its nest. It attempts to drag Tyne with it but they manage to cut her free of the webbing and stabilize her using some healing salves.

They shoot at the spider but it is so badly damaged in the previous attack that it is hiding in its hole. Finally, Sigrid tosses a torch into the hole causing the critter to burn up. As the fire lights up the room Tyne spots shiny treasure. Sigrid volunteers to climb up and in a few minutes is up the 20 feet and crawling on her belly into the spider's den. Inside she is able to stand up and after a few moments manages to find a dark blue oil (restoration), amber liquid flask (CLW), 210gp, 150sp,1200cp, scroll of expeditious retreat.

They come down and investigate the room and find a secret door. Checking it for traps reveals none and after opening it they reveal a graveyard on the hillside. Tyne asks the party to not investigate the graveyard and is taunted by his fellows. He fails another fort check and loses another 5 strength and is down to 5 strength. "See this is why I want to go back to town and rest!" Down below they can just make out a bit of the woods and some of the miner's house. The party decides to give Tyne the restoration potion and CLW which Quinlan identified with her spellcraft and a bit of luck from Bardic Knowledge.

Someone Home?
They decide to return to the miner's house to store their treasure. As they approach the house they hear goblin sounds coming from inside. "Where's the 6,000 copper pieces Glash?" says one voice annoyed. "Not sure, ask Abraxis. That toad eats everything!" replies another equally hostile. "Ask him yourself." GULP! No more voices are heard from inside the house. The party decides to use their spell ghost sound to lure whatever is inside the hut outside. It works! Out comes a small 3" tall goblinoid creature that resembles a small gremlin carrying a bag of loot. "What's there?" It says and is rewarded with an arrow through its head. Sigrid rushes inside completely surprising the others.
Pcs in ambush

Who is it?

The mite is shot dead by Tyne
The Fallen!
Inside are five more of the beats and a giant frog! Quinlan and Tyne back up Sigrid as she rushes the one standing on the table causing a hit and making it fall over dead. Quinlan shoots but misses and Tyne attacks and kills another. The next round the mite go and they score some good hits (a 6 on a d6!) on Tyne. Poor Tyne. Anyway one of the mites rushes over to his fellows and says "Restora" and two of the mites raise from the dead (not undead!)

The frog looks like the toughest in the room
This should be a cakewalk...

"Get the Necromancer!" Tyne says. "I'm on it!" says Quinlan who shoots it but only wings him. The giant frog,named Abraxis attacks Sigrid and causes a nasty bite on her side while his master says "Fuego" and uses a burning hands spell which misses Sigrid. After a few more rounds of combat it is apparent that the one mite isn't a necromancer as all but one are down and that one allows the party an attack of opportunity and raises two others. "You said this would be a good place to hide things!" said Quinlan at Tyne who shook her head. "I didn't expect this crap!" "Let's just kill them and cut their heads off so they stay dead."

They keep coming back!
A few more rounds later and some very dramatic sneak attacks made by Tyne and some critical cleaves made by Sigrid backed up by Quinlan's lethal bow and that is exactly what they did...

Searching the mites they find a bloodstone worth 40gp, CLW potion, 100gp, 800sp and searching the dead frog's stomach they find an hourglass worth 25gp that has the shape of Magistrate Van Reede's crest on it and 6,000cp. "Wow what a pig!" They also find a dead mite. "Must have been the one we heard" They all decide to follow Sigrid's suggestion and cut off the heads of the mites and lock them into the safe. "At least this way they will stay dead."

Finally they're all really really dead!
Total XP
 - Large Spider CR 2 600xp
 - 6x Mites CR 1/3 x 2 = CR 2 + The Fallen (Condition) CR 1 + Giant Frog CR 1 = CR4 = 1350 xp
 - Bonus (Traps and Roleplaying) 100xp
 - Total XP 2530/3 = 683

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