Thursday, June 2, 2011

SuperDungeon - Session II

As our heroes are enjoying themselves in the Spinning Rat tavern and inn a wandering minstrel begins to play a very nice tune on a violin. Megan seems to know the tune and is delighted that a bard of such fine caliber has gifted the town of Fairhaven with his presence. The bard is revealed to be a moon elf named Quailen who appears to have been brought up in a noble family. The bard joins the party, gets a writ from Magistrate Van Reede and the party travels back to the mine but not before the party purchases one cure light wound from the magister of AO Eion for the 6,000 cp that they had previously found.

Back at the Mine
Once they arrive back at the mine, the party determines that the door is a heavy wooden unlocked door and seems to be barred with a four by four locking the mine. They remove the 4x4 and push into the mine where they are greeted with a stronger sickly sweet smell as before. As they cautiously enter the room they are unaware that they are being watched by beady red eyes in the distance. A hungry dire rat mother and her brood watch as the party enters their lair.

Something Ratty This Way Comes
Without much warning three of the dire rats emerge from the darkness and everyone is surprised except Megan. The rats attack furiously and the party sustains minor bites, scratches and bruises from the damage. Just as they think they are finished and continue heading into the mine another three dire rats attack this time only Sigrid and the the new member are surprised but Tyne, Sigrid and Megan are able to beat the creatures off with martial attacks of their own while Quailen keeps a rear guard and healing kits nearby. Finally, after a few more rounds of vicious combat the battle ends and the party moves further into the room. A loud squeek is heard and a massive large rodent (the boar in the picture) attacks the party with seeming full abandon. Another several rounds of life and death combat continue as they eventually best the mother and the remaining rats scurry. Unfortunately, some may have contracted filth fever because the evil DM rolled behind the screen and didn't tell anyone what they rolled. The evil DM also rolled listen, search and spot rolls... The evil DM did not cheat.

The party spends a few moments tending to their wounds before lighting torches and placing them into empty sconces in the room. After the torches are lit the party gets down to brass tacks and searches the place from top to bottom.

The room is a large room. There are mining cart tracks that run from the front entrance under the portcullis about forty feet from the main doors and a set of stairs ascends to the left. Over in the corner, the party finds some hides and furs that made up the nest of the rats. Searching the nest reveals a hidden compartment underneath when slid revealed 30 platinum pieces!

Sinking Feeling
Taking some more time they attempt to open the portcullis using the key they found previously in the miners house. Tyne searches the door and finds no traps but sees that it is locked. The rogue uses her key and a hidden deeper pit trap opens a twenty foot spiked pit underneath as the flagstones they are standing on give way and the entire false floor falls. Luckily, Tyne and Megan are able to leap out of the way of the trap before they end up in the hole.

Taking more time to consider the situation with phrases like "What kind of mine is this?" our heroes decide to go upstairs and find that the door is stuck. They are able to open it with some effort and then the camera fades out and session II ends with a commercial break...

 - Dire Rats x3 (CR 1/3 x 3 = CR1) XP 300
 - Dire Rats x3 (CR 1/3 x 3 = CR1)  XP 300
 - Large Dire Rat (CR 1) XP 300
 - Deeper Pit Trap (CR1) XP 300/2 = 150
 - Rat Next (Bonus) = 50

Total XP = 800/4= 200XP Each

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