Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stormtroopers Versus Tribbles

The Botany Bay and the the Grissom are engaged in research. The Botany Bay is investigating a nearby planet and most of its team is away on the planet when the Evil Empire emerges from a Warp Rift and immediately fires missiles at the Federation ships assigned to guard K7. The Stargazer, the Enterprise A, Farragut and the Reliant see the threat and engage the Hand and the star destroyers escorting her. The Tribbles being to fire up K7s weapons.

This was a great game and we used Full Thrust rules. I played the Federation and defeated the Hand and two of the star destroyers. The E8 star destroyer send stormtroopers to the Botany Bay who's grizzled veterans were able to hold off the Storm Troopers and took their frigate and returned to the E8 Star Destroyer. "They're using an old code sir but it checks out." as the Botany Bay marines attempted to take the E8 but failed miserably. 

The highlights of the game were dad rolling 13 of missile damage on the Enterprise and the a shattering phaser attack against E6 sending her to meet the Emperor! The Tribbles took several shots at the Empire and thinking retreat the better part of valor after losing three of their ships the Empire hobbled off engaging their stardrive...

Ships Destroyed
Reliant, Enterprise A, Star Destroyers E8 and E9 and the Battle Cruiser The Evil Hand.

Dad's Roll

Bloody Fighting
Enemy Sighted Sir

Bottom Right shows damage to the Enterprise

The Hand goes down in flames
Research Vessels
Federation Ship Destroyed


  1. Super report! I`m glad I don`t seem to be the only one playing Star Trek, though i do it through the ACTA system

  2. @Tomshe hey thanks a bunch! We use Full Thrust rules because they flow quickly. They are easy to use and they are fun to build ships with. I did enjoy Starfleet Battles back in the day but anymore I enjoy simple systems because they are easy to modify.