Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saturday Night Pickup Game - Dad's first RPG

Last night Randy and Lisel were ill and unable to come to the game so we all decided to play with our Tuesday characters to get dad into the spirit of the game. Since dad was a newbie I decided to go with something light. I gave him a Wood Elf Ranger to play and we got down to business.

The story was that the players were hired by the Lindstone family to clear out the dungeon below their 'castle' - really more of a large Manse. The pay is 1 cp per kobold, 5 cp per goblin, 1 gp per orc and 5 gp for a bugbear or ogre should they encounter them. They were asked to make sure to try to take any humaniods prisoner and that they were free to keep what they found that was not family property. Family property is known by the black charging raven carrying a goblet in its claws that it is pouring out on a red background.

The party were each given a bag and told that since they were not on the honor system they would be required to show proof of the heads of their kills. After a brief introduction between each character the group moved downstairs to explore the dungeons and the crawl began.

In the first room they encountered a stair well running down to a larger room. In the bottom room there were four floor sconces lit and banners of the Lindstone decorating the room. A portcullis to the north and a door to the east led out of the room. As the party explored the room Dracos played by Dad moved toward the door.

The door swung open and in rushed three goblins. Dad really liked the combat system and picked it up rather quickly. Mel played Sigrid and dispatched one of the goblins and Meg defeated the other while the final was destroyed with a keen shot from Dracos on his hated foe the goblin and the creature's head was taken and slammed into a door on the opposite side of the hallway. Smiling, Dracos walked down to the hallway to retrieve his kill.

Dracos could hear goblins talking at the door and the party attempted a ruse by acting like one of the goblins. A bigger voice asked them if they were some name in common and they replied yes. The Cleric of Grumish Galtor was not amused and sent Falivk his kobold sorcerer and his kobolds out a secret door to ambush the party unknown to the party.

Meg and Dracos went down the hallway and encountered the kobolds! After a failed attempt at kicking down the door, Meg successfully beat it down with her longsword and charging in she announced "Alright these are mine!" before amending it to "This one is mine!" when all was in the room as a single kobold.

Meg charged the kobold and in the next room was five orcs. Sigrid and Dracos spent the next few rounds fighting the kobolds while Meg used her abilities and charmed one of the orcs to helping her. The orcs were tough but Meg was able to defeat them all except the Cleric of Grumish . A sorcerer orc  charged the party and attacked Dracos with a ghoul touch spell but it missed. A few more rounds later and the party was cleaning up the heads of the dead.

The room with the cleric had an alter and a book of Grumish. The Lindstone banners were replaced with banners showing the one-eyed god's image. The dungeon crawl ended at this time. The players were allowed to add their gold to the Tuesday game. The xp was not copied over however I will be giving them a XP bonus next Tuesday game when we do play.

Dad had a lot of fun and picked up the game rather quickly. I think he just needs to get used to battle time (rounds) versus real-time exploration. I like to switch between the two fairly frequently and sometimes go into rounds just to keep tension up when nothing else is going on. At any rate, it was very cool to game with dad and the gang.

After the game we watched the pilot episode of The Walking Dead and after the show dad and I spent most of the morning until about 3am talking about gaming, work and life in general. It was a good time.

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