Monday, June 13, 2011

Recon 2011 Con Update I


Had a pretty good con. We sold some books and some minis. People are very interested in the minis coming out and the Zyklops. I may have found a sculptor locally to do my organics (Martians, Behemoths, etc) called Frozen Planet. I will keep you posted on those developments but it does look like Brad of Frozen Planet is going to make us a nice two-sided demo board for our games.

My brother ran Fairy meat and made this neat labyrinth. I gave him a castle to use with it. The idea was that the faeries had found a model of the labyrinth on Jarrad's work desk. This was a theme game in homage to the the anniversary of the movie.

I played Age of Eagles on Friday. The battle was Quatre Bras and I had the Dutch and the Brunswickers. Unfortunately my Dutch did not do as well against the French. The thing I did not like about the rules is that two bad rolls pretty much destroyed my entire flank and then when I did roll better it didn't seem to matter because of the superiority of the French. For instance, I rolled a 9 and my opponent rolled a 4. Well I was down three and they were up three. It really did not matter that we were both disordered and that he did not double the number of troops that I had, nor that I was defending a position. Nick Zizo did a good job running the game but I think I prefer Two Fat Lardies Le Flu Sacre or CLS to these rules. I will give them another go however. The game is called Fire and Fury.

 More later...
More pictures from the games on Friday


  1. I really dig that labyrinth. It looks like it's made from foamcore? Very cool!

  2. @Christian - Yes, my brother made it from foam. I think it was the large pink stuff not the foamboard as it had thick walls. He gave it to someone at the con. Not sure what happened to the castle. I think he gave that away too. We were going to raffle it off but there were already so many raffle prizes including a copy of WTNW. BTW, give me your address in an email and I will send you that Christmas present.