Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Mansion of Madness - The Fall of House Lynch

Poor Walter has gone missing and the investigators have to go get him. I played the keeper while dad, Rick and his son Ethan played the investigators.

My objective was to get a nasty beast summoned while their's was just to find the clues that allowed them to stop the mansion from eating the town. The game took about 30 minutes to setup and about 30 minutes to read through the rules so that everyone was comfortable with them.

 The game had both the investigators and the keeper racing against the clock. There's a lot to do a as a keeper. My tip is to get as much threat tokens as you can and horde them but still use them when you need them.

The monsters were cool. I had zombies and maniacs. The maniac was a lot of fun. Think Jason is chasing you down the hall with a knife! He was really fun for me and got me a lot of needed investigator samples (hair, teeth the skull from the professor that he was no longer needing after he died on the stairs when Walter's zombie wife ate his face) so they proved to be a bunch of fun. You really have to play it right as the investigators too.

The game had a very good sense of horror and forboding about it. Each of the cards although specifically setup in specific locations (known as seeding) all had a very good theme to them and lent a nice mood to the game. In the end though the time ran out and poor walter's plan of allowing a great elder beast to devour Arkham failed.

The highlights of the game were a zombies and maniacs and a grand finale of a shaggoth!
Mansions of Madness was a really fun board game. They beat me but I did get a Shaggoth!

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