Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dr. Who - Tom Baker

The Doctor has encountered a ray gun and a damsel in distress! Will he save the hot babe or will he save the planet of vegetarian monkeys? He only has time for one. Getting out his trusty sonic screwdriver he watches as the planet Fark comes into view on the vidscreen. He can hear the Daleks coming! Quickly Now! Brilliant!

A while back I picked up some Doctor Who figures from TMP. I believe I have everyone of the original Doctors. My plan is to paint them all up and then get the new Doctors and do them as well. Eventually, I will have all the Doctors. The Pulp terrain is from Frozen Planet - the owner and I are in negotiations for them doing the Martians for WTNW.

As far as painting the terrain I used Vallejo Brass and Chainmail as a base and applied blue and red (for the candy like red buttons) in various places on the machines. I wanted the pulpy retro sci fi terrain to look the part. For the Doctor, I used a combination of apple barrel browns and reds and a bunch of other colors for the scarf. I did not prime the figure and I have applied several coats of paint on each section. I will be applying a final coat and then liberally spraying it with Matte sealant.

What do you think?


  1. I knew that Doctor Who minis existed but I never looked for them before. Looks great. And Tom Baker, my Doctor! Awesome.

  2. Thanks ShadeofJeremy I appreciate the comments. Tom Baker was my favorite until Tennant but I still love Tom.