Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cards and Tzeentch Army for Sale!

I am selling these. Make an offer.


  1. Lots of cards there. What games and rough counts?

  2. I have about 5 boxes of L5R, Six boxes of Warlord, one medium sized box o 7th Sea, 1 medium box of VTM, 1 small box of vtm, 1 medium box of Illumanti, one medium box of Ophdian, 1 small box of 40k and one box of Game of Thones.

  3. THe L5R cards can go for 200, the warlord cards for 200, the 7th Sea cards for 100, VTM for 150, the illumanti for 100 and the odiphian for 50 and the 40k for 50, startrek for 50, game of thrones for 50. I am always willing to consider mixing these together to give better prices and will always negotiate prices but as I've spent a few hours organizing these today that's the current prices.