Saturday, June 4, 2011

Black Skull Island

Rum Runner and Tucan Sam
Welcome ta Black Skull Island off Tiger Shark bay matey! This be the place where Governor Malibu is keepin his treasure fort! Treasure Fort is just off Black Skull near the Giant Lizard's bones. When ye get ta Tiger Shark Bay beware o' the kraken and other surprises! Be warned mate that there be other lubbers and pirates out in the area also seeking booty. So in true piratey fashion whoever gets away with the most booty wins - Savvy?

Queen Anne's Revenge and Blackbeard

We'll be using the home brew rules because that's the best kind aye? The bigger ships can take more hits but the smaller ones are quicker. Also the big ones get around but can't get close to the island. Stay away from the islands if your ship is big or you'll hit the ground and watch out for traps and for the kraken!

Gov Malibu

When ye get the treasure watch out fer the other pirates. We're sure ta see boardin action and legendary sword play. Attempt ta parlay with the Gov or make yer bones with the Tikki but remember ta do everything like a pirate or ye'll be walking the plank!

Black Skull Island

Rascal and Devil of the Seas

Capt Black Bart aboard Black Fang
Capt Maj Jonsey

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