Thursday, June 9, 2011

Away to the Con

Well folks its getting close to Rapier 2011. Postings will be low unless I get some free time to do one at the con this weekend. I will have both books and some Zyklops models for sale as well as the 40k and fantasy stuff that has not yet sold.

For those of you who are interested in WTNW but have not yet played - there will be two demos from the Conflict on Mars book on Saturday. Saturday morning I am running The Bloody Streets of Iker and Saturday afternoon I will be running The Last Flight of the Ubertod. These scenarios deal with the Ruan Red Martian rebellion against the German Great Powers on Mars. I will also be running a game of Ambush Valley. See you at the con!

Where: The Clarion at the JAX Airport
When: Friday Afternoon - Sunday Evening

We will not be there Sunday as I am hosting a big modern microarmor challenge at my house instead.

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