Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ancient City Con - Games Scheduled - Space Opera Roll Call

I've been mulling over what to use as the PCs for the past few days for the Space Opera. I knew I wanted one of them to be The Doctor. I went ahead and decided to go with some classic scifi characters that will be playable for the PCs.

I am using the base rules from the D20 Modern game. The game will have a classic scifi/retro feel to it and will feature many aliens and enemies. I will not spoil the ending but there may or may not be a ray gun capable of destroying planets involved...

Here's the cast of the PCs characters (Thanks to LaughingFerret for the last three ideas). As a Browncoat I am ashamed I did not think of Mal. I have never really gotten into Farscape however.

  • The Doctor
  • Lt. Juan "Johnnie" Rico
  • Cmdr William Riker
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Starbuck
  • Paul Atreides
  • Lt. Ellen Ripley
  • Cmdr Samantha Carter
  • Dr. Leonard McCoy "Bones"
  • John Crichton
  • Malcolm Reynolds


  1. Sounds like a fun idea!

    Other good character would be John Crichton & Malcolm Reynolds.

    Might suggest swapping out Riker for Dr. Leonard McCoy... every party needs a healer, and lots of good dialogue potential there.

  2. Yes great suggestions! I will add them as possibles too. Should I include warf?

  3. I've added them! I have printed out some neat bios I found on wiki for each character and will be giving them to the players with their D20 Modern character sheets. This is shaping up to be a bunch of fun!

  4. Worf would be cool, But one thing I like about your list is that they're all great characters but have no connection to each other. They're either from different universes or from different time periods. Worf would have prehistory with Riker, so I think it'd be a bit less interesting with them syncing up already. Just something about them all being thrown together from completely different sources if fun. I'd go with Worf or Riker, but not both- just my gut reaction.

    Oh- another good character would be Riddick.

  5. I think I will stick with the current list. The idea is that they are all great characters and they do not know each other but are aboard Starseeker-88 for some R&R when this happens.

    BTW you coming? It's the weekend of the 9th so you have a few days to get your plane tickets in order :D

  6. If I won a few lotteries I'd do nothing but travel.. too bad all those email notifications of winning multi-million lotteries that I never entered aren't real.. otherwise I'd be there!