Monday, May 9, 2011

A | Z - Zyklops (German Capital Unit)

This is our first Capital Unit vehicle available NOW from JTFM Enterprise! Here she is!

The first Zyklops landship leaves the Kaiser's shipworks ! After labourious forming and rivetting, this colossal weapon is ready for use by the armies of the Kaiser !

This is the first in a series of vehicles and miniatures which will be brought to you jointly by, JTFM Enterprises and The ArmChair General.
The Box

The Pieces

Next to Road Rage Car for Comparison

Three stat cards TWO of which are unique to THIS model!

Everything comes nicely wrapped

Wash with warm water then coat with primer

Britannia 20mm Sheridan for comparison 

Looking good with the first coat of Prussian Gray

Lots of Rivets!

So to sum up. Everyone's going to be playing WTNW. The Conflict on Mars will be available this week as a pdf and sometime in August as a book though I may have preadvanced copies for sale at the Rapier Con 2011 (no ISBN) for a LIMITED TIME! Get yours now!

Next up:

Americans Infantry and Elite Units with their Capital Unit (Based on an American Trap Door Spider)
Germans Infantry and Elite Units with their Zyklops
French Infantry and Elite Units with their Capital Unit
British Infantry and Elite Units with the Littleton Landship

WTNW - It's getting some serious steam!

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