Thursday, May 5, 2011

A | Z - Y is for Yarath

The wind-whales of Jupiter have only one major predator - the predatory flying monster called the Yarath. This creature lives between the realms of the Air Queen and somewhere deep within the gravitational pull of the gas giant Jupiter itself. A massive creature that resembles a cross between an Earth Great White shark and a Venusian Argongator the Yarath is a tenacious predator that will follow a pod of wind whales for days before settling on one to hunt. Then it will track the one for several more days - haring it until the poor creature is too exhausted to continue to propel itself through the gravity pull.  That's when it closes on its pray..

There have been several attempts to saddle the monster but so far not even the Air Queen's Royal WindRiders have been able to do the job. The Yarath are big and aggressive but they are also stealthy and finding one can be an extremely difficult task. The Air Queen has sent several hunters out to find the Yarath but so far none have been able to defeat the massive creature. These are the titans of the skies of Jupiter and adventurers and Aethernaughts would be well advised to give them a very wide berth.

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