Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WTNW Core and WTNW COM update

Just finished updating the Internal Hits charts to 2d6 instead of D12. Also just updated the format for Core by adding the explanations from the quick start and the scenarios from the quick start. I also added no shooting into melee, cav cannot move the turn after it charged and explained in more detail how charging and melee works. I think its quite an improvement.

People wanted a 2d6 instead of a d12 chart so I updated it. I will make the pdf available to anyone who purchased the book or pdf. Just give me a receipt like normal. The change is asthetic mostly but was brought on with the new layout art for the conflict on mars book and the fact that we're changing to b&w and double column layout with some seriously cool victorian boarders.

There are also new orders for evade charging and for fixing one's bayonets or spears against a charger.

I am in Raleigh NC working for the week. I will try to get Y and Z for the blogging challenge sometime this week.