Thursday, May 5, 2011

Recon 2011 Conventure!

Recon 2011 was a blast! We setup as a vendor and everyone bought a copy of the rules who played the demo! I think WTNW now stands on its own. Remember the Conflict on Mars book will be out soon! Also - we have minis coming out! More on that later.

We ran two scenarios out of the Martian book. The Bloody Streets of Iker and the Last Flight of the Ubertod. The first scenario the red martians are revolting in the town of Iker. They are fighting against the German Tod Death Troopers and have to contend with the massive airship The Ubertod. The second scenario has the red martians under the leadership of Gava setting up a trap to destroy the Ubertod before it can get back to Wyversburg after making repairs. The second scenario starts off the Ubertod on the ground and it cannot fly until it is able to be repaired. The Red Martians attack from both sides and with a behemoth!

There were a bunch of great games. Stan Johansen's Road Rage was one of them. I got to run  my car next to James of Scrying Eye Games. We were able to stop the up armored SUV but my poor car was crushed in the attack. Oh it was a glorious setup though with me at one side and James following me to the right with his car and van (with three ma duces! on the top!) Anyway we creamed  the other guy! I got rammed by the SUV and by James but my driver survived - and ran into the building sometime later on impulse 3.

Rob Morse did a great game of Vietnam of a firebase raid in 15mm using the first print of the FoW figures from their original Nam line. He then ran a great setup of Zombies. He wrote a nice rules set which he wants me to write for him and then publish - no problem!
The special guest this year was the guy who wrote Aerodome (dont have his name handy) and he ran games all con long. 

The guys at On the Lamb where there (we were all next to each other) and we shared a demo table with them. I also got to oogle the Jap otters :D

My buddy Bart ran night of the living sponge bob. Zombies at Bikini Bottom oh my!

My other buddy Rick ran an ATEAM game and a Werewolf hunter game. Rick likes a lot of pulpy stuff. So do I. I got to be Murdock and bomb the crap out of people from my plane.

So here's a bunch of pics of games that went on.

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