Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pointman AAR - A Very Bad Day For Plumbers

AAG Pointman Demo One
A Very Bad Day For Plumbers – Contracting Trouble AAR
Last night I ran demos of Force on Force. We played the scenario Contracting Trouble. I ran it by the book the first scenario except I did use FOW cards and everyone had a lot of fun. FOW cards (FOG OF WAR) represent the very real chaotic events that happen on the battlefield. Whenever someone rolls a 1 on their reaction roll they automatically generate a FOW event. The cards that have different results represent these events. For instance, one FOW card is called "What's this wall made of swiss cheese?" and placing it on a wall negates the defense bonus that you get from solid cover when behind that wall because it is so shot up that it does not provide much protection. Let's get to it!

In Contracting Trouble the Regulars are trying to get two contractors who crashed their SUV into a building and the Irregulars (Insurgents) are trying to get keep the contractors from being rescued.

US Forces
2xFireteams (3 Riflemen, 1 SAW, 1 RGL)

6x riflemen
4x leaders

These are the breakdowns from the book. The US set up at the table edge (entry point) and the insurgents setup all around the table at their Hotspots. A Hotspot is a location in FOF where irregular forces are generated. The hotspot continues to generate new irregular forces until it is neutralized or the game ends.
Turn one had the US players learning how to effectively use Overwatch with one squad while covering their buddies who are moving toward the contractors. The US took down many insurgents and suffered one casualty. The casualty roll the next turn resulted in a grazing so the trooper got up and fought on! Hooah!

Turn two had the Insurgent players sneaking around the buildings and trying to take as much cover as possible as they dug in to their positions. The insurgent player received two guys and an RPG as support that showed up at Hotspot 5 (out in the boonies). The US squad made a rapid move to the contractors and under heavy fire took another casualty.

Turn three the same guy, Spec Lucky mcGee who was hit turned out to get a roll of a 6 on the casualty check and was only grazed so once again he got up and continued fighting! The regulars turned their attention to the leaders in the building that kept scoring hits on them. After one round of fire the insurgents found themselves leaderless. Not to let Imperialism continue in the face of overwhelming odds, the terrorists continued their efforts by launching a series of RPGs and small arms attacks at the group with the dependants but just couldn't get enough to cause a hit!

Turn four and Lucky McGee has run out of luck as the insurgent group attempts to charge in and are peppered with an overwatch fire a sneaky unit of insurgents pours on fire from a nearby building causing another casualty. The regulars took cover in a nearby building and returned the favor by taking out both insurgent groups.

Turn five and the game was over. The casualty roll resulted in light wound for Lucky. The contractors were rescued. The insurgent players had one point for the wounded Marine and the US had 15 points. It was a decisive victory.

Game One Highlights
The regulars were able to escort both contractors off the board. Not a lot of FOW cards were played as no one rolled a one and believe it or not the regular that kept getting hit kept rolling a 6 for the casualty checks! He did this three times before FINALLY succumbing to a light wound. Ah the humanity! At the end I had the insurgents get a technical instead of the ONE FOW card that they did get. The technical was destroyed before it could get more than one shot off with a two-die shift in light weapons fire from the group that rescued the contractors!

Game Two
The players swapped sides. The second scenario I gave the US an up-armored HMMVW and the insurgents a technical with a HMG. I also placed two civilian mobs on the table for fun. I used some playtesting mechanics for Cold War Gone Hot for the US, making them PACT instead. The rules are still under development, highly classified, and not available to post in this AAR.

Turn one - The US moved into position but under heavy gunfire. The people that played the US last game really must have watched because they setup nice ambushes. There were no casualties the first turn.

Turn Two - The insurgents got 5+ ROLL AGAIN for reinforcements. They were EVERYWHERE! The HMMWV was blown to smithereens with an RPG. I am not kidding! The technical actually survived the entire game. The US used the same tactics as the previous game, putting one unit on Overwatch and leap frogging to the contractors. The contractors. The insurgents poured the fire on and got a casualty which ended up causing a heavy wound to the guy in the HMMVW. A Medic showed up for the US from a FOW card.

Turn Three - The US made it to the contractors. There were THERE FOW cards generated this turn. One generated a CNN crew which decided to follow squad one like a hawk, one generated reinforcements for the insurgents and the last generated a HMG for the insurgents (subbed for the Heavy RPG team). One enterprising insurgent team snuck around a building and took a few shots at the corporal who went down. An insurgent leader passed out guns to the crowd who as it turned out really didn't like the Americans anyway when yet another reaction roll was botched and the insurgency level went up by one (not that it matters when it is automatic) too bad too because the very next card which I peeked at happened to be a Marine GMPG team that no one ever drew.

Turn Four - The cpl was grazed by the results of the casualty check and he got back up and dispersed the other civilian mob before Fearless Leader could pass out more candy to make them insurgents. The CNN crew were happy that no civilians were killed and the team made it 1/2 off the board with the contractors under a heavy hail of fire, a close combat attack that left the insurgents wishing they stayed at the falafel house instead and a victory for the regulars.

Turn Five - The US moves off the board escorted by the Longbow.

Game Two Highlights
This time it seemed EVERYONE kept rolling 1s for reactions rolls! There were MANY FOW cards and MANY insurgent reinforcements. Every turn the insurgent player (the same guy who played the regular in the first scenario that kept rolling 6s on his casualty check) kept rolling the 5+ insurgents AND ROLL AGAIN on the insurgency table! It was madness!


  1. Wow! That sounded like a hell of a battle!

  2. It was! The other thing I did not mention is that my five 1/2 year old daughter was with us. She sat there and rolled dice and helped daddy. She told our friend Alex that she loved him and ate his Bugles. It was a great deal of fun. We had six people plus watchers.