Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day - Full Thrust - To Go Nowhere...

Happy Memorial Day. Thank you to the REAL heroes who have served or who serve in our and our allies armed forces.

Full Thrust - Somewhere near the neutral zone...
A small squadron of Romulas Birds of Pray escorting a Warbird encounter a fleet of older Federation ships returning to their space station. The Romulas quickly move to intercept - disengaging their cloaking devices only as their distrupters fire at the station. The Federation ships engage the Romulans and a classic game of cat and mouse begin around the Barsian Nebula and an unidentified Federation space station.

We used Full Thrust Rules. Dad used the rush! He never uses the rush! He caught me completely by surprised although my missile would have gotten him had he gone the way I had hoped I am afraid the one missile is all the Warbird got off. The Birds of Pray did fairly well against the Enterprise-A but eventually the combined force of four ships versus two won out and my Romulans were heavily injured. We did attempt to use the cover of the nebula clouds but in the end the Federation was able to retain the base and we had to engage our warp engines and limp home. Still, we didn't do bad and that Enterprise will be in dry dock undergoing repairs for many months. Glory to the Romulan Empire!

Those Romulans came out of nowhere and began attacking Hannah-5 the space station! What a bunch of cowards! Forget the prime directive. This was prime time whipping. It was all Commander Pike could do to keep us from jumping out of our ships in environmental suits or use our transporters to send our security teams over to those warbirds. I personally laughed in joy as one Warbird popped like a Romulan spacebug. All Hail the Empi.. err I mean good for the Federation (Mirror Mirror is so much cooler)...

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  1. I love that you guys play so many great games. There was a Star Trek movie marathon on SciFi channel this weekend. It was so great to see all those fun films again.