Friday, May 13, 2011

Dungeon Adventure - Level One

In my previous post I described our Tuesday night group.It's a 3.5 game with no limits on books used. I think it would be fun to have everyone chime in what would be fun to do with each level starting at level one. So bearing that in mind the players all have two levels of NPC and one level of class. Their NPC classes do not count toward their effective character level and they could not go over 4 points for ranks in skills as per a normal first level character. So bearing this in mind what would be good to fill level one with?

I am going to start the game with the story that there is some trouble in an old mine nearby. The mine has been in disuse for many years and is rumored to be haunted.Recently, live stock and small trinkets have started missing in the town. The party is paid by the locals to find out where their valuables are going and who exactly is taking them. They will go to the mine and descend into the depths. I am planning on the mine being the entrance to a giant dungeon (where most of the campaign will take place).

 So think wheels within wheels.

What's the first ecology they could encounter? What are the first denizens? Kobolds? Goblins? Something more exotic? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

What is their motivation? Greed? Forced labor? Something more nefarious? 

This should be a fun exercise to develop the dungeon together.

This will be a series of posts that I will keep up such as into to the characters, monsters killed, highlights etc. There might even be some writing from some of the players in here. I am excited about this!

Update 5/14/11 pictures and walkthrough of level one... I just built it! Notice that the rooms are all empty - for now...

Finally, here's a walkthrough of the entire level one of the dungeon!


  1. The game is going to be a diablo style type game where they go into the dungeon and then go back to the town. The majority of the campaign will take place in the dungeon and nearby wilderness. I am looking for critters and nasty things to populate the first level of the dungeon with. I would like to use the random tables to generate the dungeon. The tables are in the DMG. I think it would be cool if we all worked on the idea together. What are some of the critters, monsters and others that may be in the mine?

    It is rumored to be haunted. Skeletons, Zombies?
    It is near a small town. Orcs? Goblins? Kobolds?
    It is secluded. Bugbears? Owlbears?
    It is a man-made mine. Bears? Lions?

    The land is as yet to be determined. I figure that the town is in an English type setting as far as weather. I have not yet decided the time of year. The game is set in a quazi Forgotten Realms esque environment and once I figure out some of the specifics of the dungeon I can place it in Faerun or my own world of Shylitheria.

  2. Well for a secluded, possibly haunted, man-made mine near a small town you have a lot of options -

    Some undead (dead miners, etc) might work.

    Giant or just plain nasty vermin are good (rats, beetles, worms)

    If you have giant prey you are likely have giant predators - spiders, centipedes, beetles.

    Slimes, oozes, jellies, molds and other denizens of rots and decay are also likely.

    Cave morays are a good ambush encounter.

  3. I love the idea of playing or running an over the top, whatever books you bring you can play with game.

    That said, if you are taking 2 levels of an NPC class, the obvious choice is a level of adept (for cure light wounds 1/day and 3 cantrips) and the very first level in Expert for the skill points (two levels of Adept are pointless, no extra spells, just the ability to summon a familiar - maybe worth it if playing a PC class that has a familiar too). Personally I would grab the nearly broken Ninja class from Rokugan for a roguely character - full sneak attack progression, 8 skill points, and fighter BAB.

    If going for a Diablo feel, the best critter to catch your players with are the Fallen Ones. Describe them like goblins (if you don't have the Diablo II books the weakest of the fallen ones have basically identical stats to kobolds), and don't include a shaman in the group. But once the players have killed them and looted them, a shaman sneaks in (basically the same stats as a goblin) and full resurrections them (full round action for each fallen one he resurrects, no limit of number of times per day, target is able to act as normal next round and has full hit points). Now the fallen ones are pissed because the PCs have their loot AND killed them.

  4. Dyson - They have to select the same npc class. The get 1/2 the hit points from the npc class (thus someone selecting Expert would get 3 hps per level plus their con mod) and all the skills as if they had leveled (not as if they started at level one). They can only get up to 4 points on the skills. They get both the npc and the class bab, saves, etc.

    They count as a first level characters for purposes of feats etc. So at most a human fighter would have three feats.

    They get full skills for their class level as if they were first level.

    Thanks for the idea of the Fallen Ones.