Monday, May 16, 2011

Dungeon Adventure - Character Creation Guidelines

Character Creation Guidelines for Super Dungeon
Stats: DMG Ability Point buy system. You have 28 points.
NPC Class: Take two levels in One class, Skills count as if leveling not as if first level. . ie for the expert it is 6+int mod), 1/2 full hit points for the NPC level plus your con modifier, all specials offered by NPC class, BAB and saves from NPC class.
Alignment: Any Non-Evil
Race: Any but powerful races with ECLs must purchase their levels in ECL before continuing in class levels.
Class Level One: (Any 3.5 class) - Treat your class level as your first level skill point wise. Take full hit points plus con mod and add NPC hit points. Add the BAB and saves to the NPC class BAB and saves. Get feats as if first level.
Money: Everyone begins play with 300 gp. You can use any 3.5 book's equipment.

If you are using it and it is not in the Players Handbook - bring a copy of what you are using to the game so that it can be easily referenced. At a very minimum write down the book and page number that it is from on your character sheet so I can reference it during the game.

Background traits etc will be assigned during the game.