Monday, May 30, 2011

CoTS - World Stone - Session II

As our heroes wrap up defeating the abberations and fleshy demons in the room they pause as the Rogue, Greya attempts to discern if there are traps at the door. Checking the door reveals that although there are sigils around the door there appear to be no traps. Unfortunately for Greya a green ray blasts through the door striking her in her chest and knocking her backward. Quickly, Lavindra has her solar check the rogue while Ariadne attempts to use her Spellcraft to discern the spell triggered by the trap. Searching through her vast Archmage knowledge she reveals the spell to be a form of disintegrate ray and is thankful that Greya must have survived the attack for the rogue was still present.

Grusk and Kreek then heard shuffling in the room and turned to see pieces of the fleshy creatures that they had destroyed forming some singular mass. The mass formed pseudopods and began attacking the party with fleshy claws and many mouths. Kreek knew the creature to be a chaos beast but it was far more advanced than she had previously encountered. The threat was quickly subdued although Grusk and the bladesinger were damaged by the creature and although they felt the transforming evil magic of the abberation attempting to change their very flesh they were able through sheer fortitude save themselves.
After the battle, the rogue Greya was able to disable the magic on the door and disable the mechanical trap as well. The mechanical trap revealed no less than 16 jagged javelins that shot at them as if shot out of a gun from Lantan. The javelins hit the far wall and exploded as the party deftly dodged the carnage. Behind the wall was a corridor - dark - musty and dangerous.

After a few minutes of exploring using their darkvision and low light vision the elf and orc Greya and Greya motioned the party forward. As the party was approaching Grusk caught the scent of something musty and foul. The ovid creature appeared as if out of a nightmare, it's multiple appendages grasping their claws reaching for the air. Grusk and Kreek knew that they were facing a horrible abberation - A Neo-Otyugh! 

The creature grabbed Grusk as its companion almost surprised the Bladesinger and Kreek fired several shots from her magical bow aided by Marcus' bow fire. Grusk was torn and ripped as the creature devoured pieces of his flesh. The Bladesinger sunk her twin swords - a gift from the Shadovar - into the second beast - the swords rang as the sonic energy insight ripped through the inner organs of the otyugh causing it severe wounds. Lavindra put up a wall of force while Ariadne blasted it with a high powered magic missile. 

The second round had the Solar healing Lavindra and the energy from the healing also seemed to heal the Neo Otyugh. Pulling out her Nestile's Guides to Abberations Vol III the Archmage quickly summarized that they were facing a lifeleech neo-otyugh! A deadly creature indeed. The truth was far more sinister however as she then saw a silver bead of magical energy begin to grow larger and more powerful inside the creature until it expelled the silvery magic directly at the party causing some terrible damage. The creature was also a spellstiched and infernal! "Oh did I ever mention that I hate the Abyss!" she spat as Kreek fired two more shots from her bow which combined with a devistating attack by Grusk ended the first creature's existance. 

The last round had the party going toe-to-fleshy appendage with the creature and they had to beat it down once more, being careful not to use healing magics anywhere near the lifeleech! The abberation caused more damage and even wounded the solar but after another round of concentrated attacks including a fireball that Ariadne crafted with 'hero sized holes' defeated the abberation.

The party searched through the creature's lair, found nearby at a dead-end, and the creature's remains themselves and found a wealth of several thousand coins, gems and a few minor and moderate magical items including a potion of invisibility that was invisible, a magical +2 steel shield, several scrolls with level two and three spells and a ring of chameleon power - later identified by Ariadine.

The next room contained the real threat - two massive orbs, their multiple eye stalks looking at Grusk and Greya as they entered the room. "Slleahh flleeoooddd.." one said "Tasty food" Grusk translated using his Monk ability of thousand togues. "I'll get the bigger one." The beholder said. Suddenly two concentrated disintegration rays hit the legs of our heroes who took the damage but retained their footing.

Tokens are Beholders
Several rounds of combat later the heroes are still going at it with the beholders, attempting to dodge the magic rays while keeping away from their antimagic cones from their central eyes. At one point Grusk jumps on one and takes a joy ride through a beholder sized enterance above the room and enters the room above which also has several beholders and huge beholder hive tyrant! Grusk hits the creature once more, hoping it will fall but even in death it still floats! He leaps off as several disentragation and finger of death rays spurt from the other beholders in the room joining his friends. 

Meanwhile, Lavindra has her solar attacking and being seriously damaged by the eye rays of the first beholder. Kreek and Marcus keep the rear guard and continually pepper the creature with bow fire and Ariadine uses another signature spell and prevents the fireball from hitting her friends. Finally Lavindra casts Armor of Battle - grows huge - and grapples with the almost dead beholder to smash its body against the wall.

As our heroes are licking their wounds four beholders descend from the upper level in the room, one appears at the center of the corridor and a sixth appears at the end of the corridor from where the heroes had originally entered the dungeon. "NO I do not like the Abyss at all..." All nodded heads. The heroes agreed that none of them liked the abyss and they tightened grips on swords, bows and wands as the they started to realize the meaning of the realm of nine million eyes...

Tune in next week!

Monsters Slain
- Adv Chaos Beast
- Lifeleech Spellstiched Neo-Otyugh x2
-Beholders x2

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