Friday, May 13, 2011

..And We're Back...

Hello fellow bloggers in blog land.  As our Men’s group is moving away from the traditional weekly meeting and taking a different approach my Thursday nights are freeing up. We will be starting a (at least once per month but hopefully more often) gaming group on Thursdays that will meet and play WTNW and Ambush Alley Games as well as Command Decision and some Pulp Alley as well. The group will remain open to everyone who wants to attend. We will meet at my house Thursdays for two to four hours.  As always we will do AARS with front line photography and commentary from the combatants.

We are also starting a dungeon-crawl type game in which I plan to run a dungeon-crawl bi weekly on Tuesdays with our group. I will be doing random dungeon elements along with the plot and fixed stuff that will be in there. I will be using my own advice for building ecologies and not static dungeons. We are actually looking for a few more people for this game. All 3.5 materials are acceptable.

The Chronicles of the Six group is in the process of playing Kingmaker and we’ve updated their characters for the Forgotten Realms games. We will be playing Kingmaker (in galantia) for the most part but occasionally we will pull out their level 15 and 16s and play some higher-level stuff with Ariadinne, Grusk and the gang.
Lastly, if you have not downloaded the pdf of the Conflict on Mars yet – do so! The layout is stunning and Joey did a fantastic job with it! James did the majority of the interior art and Eli did the races. Great job all around and I am very proud of this supplement. We are moving away from the grainy game photos and home brew feel to our games and going to a two-column layout that is very professional. The quality of the books is just better.

That is all for now fellow bloggers and readers. Thank you to my loyal readers and friends. Without you, we wouldn’t have a blog and without Armchairgeneral1 the world would be sad.
The rest of the time, I am spending with my family. 


  1. May I be the first to welcome you back!

    That all sounds excellent. I have ecologies on the mind too. It's a very interesting subject, and a great challenge.

    As for Conflict on Mars!, thanks very much for the updated version. I can agree the quality really is rising fast.

  2. Hey thanks! I posted a pic of General von Tod from the scenarios in the Martian book. He's saying 'Blogger need to work."