Monday, May 23, 2011

CoTS The Sundered Stone Session One

The Chronicles of the Six Lives On
The Feast
While in the middle of a hero's feast and party in Silverymoon attended by the greats of Faerun including the Lady in Silver Allustrial and the sage Elminster - the party meets Baroness Lavindra N'Toth and her retinue. She has been promoted and the Dales are once again safe as is Faerun from the evil of the Nightlord. Our heroes defeated the Rot Lord and one of them attained the portfolio of entropy. Lavinda's party (the other Tuesday group) defeated and locked the Nightlord back in his prison.

The Unknown
Now as the heroes are feasting they see above them an ancient sight as a shadowy city of the Shadowvar, the ancient Netherese mages who fell from their high positions due to hubris a thousand years ago - powerful spell casters, approach Silverymoon over the Highforest. No one knows their intentions and most fear the worst as the Knights in Silver begin to quickly take positions around the walls, their hippogriff calvary forming over the defensive barrier and several regiments of calvary and light infantry started deploying around the town.

The Quest
Our heroes mount the Baroness' pegasus and head off toward the floating city, entering the darkness of the shades as they penetrate the layers of the multi-tiered city. They are welcomed, in a manner of speaking, by the calvarymen of the city and lead down the alleys of dark magic to the palace of the Shadowlord Magus who rules the Shadorvar.

There the ancient wizard king told the heroes of the Illithid plot to sunder the world stone and bring all realities crashing into one another. The heroes volunteered for the mission and were told that the illithids were in a realm deep below even the great Drow city of Menzoberranzan. They accepted the challenge and were given a stone which they could break to return to the city of Shade.

The Journey
After a brief nauseating spell which they became insubstantial and passed quickly through the layers of Underdark enough to briefly view the purple lights and magic of the Drow city and the caverns of darkness below they emerged into a chamber of flesh. Several flesh creatures were tied to fleshy podiums by golden restraints and a fleshy abomination of hell struck them with his whip.

The Battle
Here the heroes fought. Only a few rounds passed by in that time the fleshy abomination was able to somehow charm even the elves and Kreek was forced to put Marcus into a restraint where he also turned into one of the fleshy creatures. Luckily Baroness N'Toth and her Bladesinger ally were able to fend off the demonic hand that clawed through the flesh screaming "Who dares defile my prison!" While Ariadne and Grusk fought their way through with magic and martial combat to slay the abomination whom Ariadne turned to stone. Ariadne also used her magic to polymorph Marcus back and Grusk used his combat to defeat several of the fleshy abominations before Lavindra called forth a holy ball of ice (fireball w energy sub + celestial damage) that destroyed everything in the room and caused the owner of the giant demonic hand to retreat his grasping claw into the fleshy floor.

The Truth
After the battle the room changed and became a normal room of stone and mortar although with the insight of Ariadne and Lavindra the images on the wall clearly showed that of the demon lord Dagon. The effigy of the bloated multiple eyed Beholder on the restraining posts also helped them in discerning their location. They soon realized they were somewhere in the 6th layer of the Abyss - The Realm of a Million Eyes...

Advanced Lemurs - x4 (250)
Demonic Claw - x1 (250)
Paragon Dalgrim - x1 (800)


Monsters = 2,050
Roleplaying = 450
XP Total = 2,500 / 4 = 625 each


  1. Sounded like a great session! I also dig that nifty giant hand mini!

  2. It was a lot of fun! That hand mini is actually a 'trap' from a defunct set of dungeon tiles.