Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A | Z - Wyversburg

Helga watched and listened, the guns from the Ubertod blazing away at the Red Martians.  The mighty airship of the German Tod was a remarkable sight! The large town of Wyversburg situated near the Garmok Cliffs was a beautiful place nestled among the red vegetation of the sea bottom. 

“Get your brothers here. They need to see this!” She said as a monstrous behemoth emerged from beyond the hills its hide covered in Red Martians firing their projectile rifles. “What is that thing?!” Her eldest, Gundar said as the creature rushed toward the Tod.

From the seclusion of the cave, the Red Martians watched the distant battle and waited. Gava had laid the plans out well. Soon they would be ambushing General Dexter von Tod and his general had done well in setting up his troops opposite Gava’s forces. “Soon my brothers and sisters.” The diplomat whispered.  His forces were ready. Now all they had to do was wait.

The Tod was being repaired and Dexter’s forces had formed a line blocking the attacking Red Martians from the valuable airship. Dexter watched it as it ascended and began to move toward Wyversburg. “Good, let’s get out of here. We can take the Behemoth better from the defenses of the town!”

A short time later, Helga and her boys watched the red skies as the Red Martians poured en-masse from the caves opposite Tod’s retreating forces. A massive volley sounded from the Martian bolt throwers and several found their mark among the Tod.

Immediately the inferno engulfed the Ubertod as a missile struck the airship and hit a vital spot in the ballast balloon! The airship came crashing down into the town and exploded into a fireball.

The conflagration was horrible as people ran screaming on fire and burning to death on the streets of Wyversburg. The great airship of the elite German Tod had been destroyed and Wyversburg was in flames. A large piece of the airship hit the residential building – the emblem of the German Cross proudly painted and displayed on its side - it was the last thing Helga and her boys ever saw.

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