Thursday, April 28, 2011

A | Z - X-Facilities Underwater Colonies

The Ameri-British Underwater X-Facilities Colonies have become an attractive destination for rich nobility and tourists alike. There are several sea bases and underwater research facilities which one is able to stay in comfort beneath the waves. The amenities within the underwater research facilities are on par with those offered on terra firma at resorts and country clubs. One can take the time to go on a submarine boat and view the underwater production facilities or just take in the exotic sea life that several thousand fathoms.

Since these bases are working military installations it is not recommended for tourists to stay for extended periods of time but the occasional foray into the deep is encouraged - especially to alumni of Oxford and Cambridge as well as the great learning centers in Rome and Egypt. The Underwater colonies serve as a military submarine base for the might Great Power's undersea vessels and militarily. It should be noted that without proper authorization from the base officials one could find oneself in deep trouble - quite literally.


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