Monday, April 25, 2011

A | Z - U is for U-Ray "Unseen Rays"

The Unseen Rays from the Sun - called U-Rays by scientists - are harvested in the solar sails that propel the great Aetherships through the folds in the same way that a sailing ship travels on the sea. U-Rays are harvested through the special foil-like material that is embedded in the cloth of the sails. A series of specialized stabilizers allow the craft to  be pushed through the Aether.

Travel in the Aether is not without danger, however, and the U-Rays are so damaging to the sails and Aether Engines that entire engines and full sail compliments have to be overhauled every twenty trips into the Aether or they risk failing. A wise captain of an Aethership regularly performs maintenance on his craft for as is not unheard of U-Ray bursts that are the equivalent of a white squall and an Aethership without prepared and ready sails will soon find itself destroyed by the U-Rays from the sun.

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