Thursday, April 21, 2011

A | Z - T.H.O.R. - An overview of Airship flight in WTNW

Large airships are powered through the air by a mechanical process known as THOR – Turbine Powered Heat Transfer Osmosis Chamber Transceiver Cite Relay.  The process starts with the cloud condensers that are at the bow of ever airship.

The cloud condensers gather the cloud particles into a large cutting array where the ice blades break off chunks of the condensed ice within the atmosphere. The ice blades chop the ice into manageable pieces that are then moved by conveyor into the keel of the airship to the heating chamber.  Should there not be any cloud cover the cloud condenser instead uses the water within its reservoirs to produce an ample supply of water vapor.  

The heating chamber is filled with super-heated air which turns the ice particles into water vapor. This process can take several minutes depending on the heat level of the cite burner in the heat chamber. Once the ice blocks are turned into water vapor the hot air rises into the osmosis chamber located directly above the heat chamber.

The osmosis chamber is made up of several layers of porous sponge that is threaded together with high quality wool. A high yield alcohol is introduced into the osmosis chamber by a soaking process. Once the osmosis chamber is full, a mechanical compress squeezes the entire chamber through a shoot into the cite powered transducer array where the turbine powered props are powered by the process.

In the event that more fuel enters the osmosis chamber than can be utilized, the mixture is expunged through the side vents located at the rear of the ship.

The hot air is also used to fill the ballast balloons to cause the airship to gain and lose altitude. In some models, the ballast balloons are located within the airship behind the protection of its armor although in earlier models the ballast balloon was used more commonly placed underneath the keel between wood and metal blockers to protect against enemy projectiles. 

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