Friday, April 22, 2011

A | Z - S is for Salamander Men of Mercury

This letter was found among the dead at the mission station on Mercury.

June 1916
The Salamander men of Mercury are an odd combination of amphibian and man. Neither fully amphibian nor fully mammal they are as intelligent as many typical native species yet seem to have a knack for mimicking languages. While it is true that many scientists hypothesis that the salamander men are only mocking what they hear and are not able to fully understand what they are saying it is this journalist’s viewpoint that the Salamander men are indeed an intelligent race.

July 1916
It is with a duty-bound heart that I have boarded an Aethership to the reaches of Mercury and have taken up with Sister Margret Essex’s mission station. It is there that I hope to help unlock the secrets of the salamander men. So far, they seem very interested in our little mission. It should only be a matter of time before they begin to show up. The big ones have taken an interest in our culture and have started coming to mass.

September 1916
The planet’s atmosphere has started heating at an accelerated rate and the Salamander men seem very agitated by the increased heat. Some of our supplies have gone missing. Sister Margret says we should not blame the indigenous people. She is looking into the Spaniards that we have.

October 1916
We found the Spaniards half eaten over by the unused well. The Salamander men have admitted to eating the Spanish. They have become enraged and have made several attacks against the mission station. Our military men have been able to hold them off – but for how long?

Nosfember 19s6
Ssselll teahh, sttaayyy awayyyy…..

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