Thursday, April 21, 2011

A | Z - R is for Ray Guns

The Grays advanced on our position as we hid among the dead and the rubble.  Markson shot his rifle and took out two of the Grays, their lifeless eyes showing no regret even as they died for their masters. Then I saw it! It was a giant walking machine!

It was a massive machine, towering over the buildings of the city. From its saucer shaped cockpit the driver watched the carnage it unleashed on our position. The tripod lumped about on three legs and the Grays within used attached arms to pick up my men and smash them into the trees and into the buildings. They knew what they were doing!

We brought the artillery guns to bear. I gave the order to fire and down went one of the machines. The others quickly responded, however and it was soon apparent that they had raised some kind of invisible field of force as our secondary projectiles seemed to disintegrate just outside of the hull of the machines!

Then, suddenly, one of the tripod war machines unlimbered a strange gun. This ray guy vibrated and oscillated and took some time to gain sufficient charge but when it finally did one expulsion of the deadly heat ray destroyed our entire left flank. UALAH AH was the sound it made as it delivered death!

Men were shouting for their lives! Trained hardened men that had seen all manner of conflict and war were reduced to simpering imbeciles. We were doomed!

The above picture is from the upcoming Conflict on Mars! supplement!

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