Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A | Z - Queen Seiqua Arruaq of the Atlantians

Deep beneath the waves in her kingdom of gigantic water proof domes lives and rules Queen Seiqua Arruaq – half human and half atlantian. The atlantians are the merfolk of legends of old. They brought many sailors to their doom or by chance saved a few hardy souls. Their krakens – massive beasts of legend – guard the hidden entrances to their underwater colonies. Their colonies are protected not only by the kraken but also by a bioelectric chemical expelled by the atlantian energy feeders. The electrical current that surrounds their cities somehow drains the momentum or increases the friction on any conventional water-born craft causing it to stop dead.

Their gill technology, a bioengineered technology that allows any terrestrial animal to breath the water as if they are breathing the air has often been sought after by the Great Powers.  So far, however, none have been able to wrest the secret from the atlantians. The atlantians have used a similar technology-based mechanical contraption to allow their allies to breath underwater and within their allies submersible vehicles.

The atlantians employ their hydrosteam lances in combat. Equally good at close or ranged combat, the hydrosteam lance calls upon the power of the sea to build up an electric current within the lance itself. The lance holds a powerful electrical coil that is surrounded by water and when expelled the lance fires a deadly projectile of lightning and water at the enemy at very high speeds. To date, no Great Power scientist has been able to duplicate the effects.

The atlantians are one of the most advanced races on or in Earth but seem to prefer isolation to direct involvement in terrestrial matters. They have allied with a few of the Great Powers and provide assistance in helping them control their waterways.

Recently, an envoy was sent into one of their undersea colonies to parley with the Queen regarding the invasion of the Overlords. It was hoped that the atlantians would finally come to realize that the world needed their involvement. So far, however, no one has returned and the Overlord’s invading armies are moving closer and closer to the sea…

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