Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A | Z - Prehistoric Life

Having discovered prehistoric life including the dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals, the Great Powers put them to use in their individual war machines.

They used the dinosaurs. The Germans employed Velociraptors as scouts and Deinonychus they used as mounted cavalry. The British used the Pterosaur called the Hvern early to patrol the sun scorched Seabottoms on Mars. The Turks saddled the Hadrosaur to survey the swamps of Venus. The French used the giant Apatosaurus and Plesiosaurus to control vast tracks of land and their shipping lanes in Earthin and in the Under Sea Colonies of Atlantis.  The Spanish used flocks of Archaeopteryx as areal messengers and as stealth bomb delivery systems. The people of Earthin used the monoclonius and the triceratops to defend against the raiding airpirates.

They used prehistoric mammals. The Americans and Confederates found use in the wooly rhino and wooly mammoth to act as baggage carriers and as platforms for larger weapons. The Spanish learned how to control the megatherium to act as a sort of siege engine against the fortresses of their enemies. The clever French devised the use of the Terror Birds to be employed as lone wolf hunters. The Germans  used the saber tooth cat smilodon as search and destroy units.

These animals proved to be of use to the great powers but the steam technology of the LLAD and the movable fortressed were still far more superior to even the dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Thus, the building of the landship and airship continued well into the Edwardian age until it reached a peak just as the Overlords were invading us…

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