Monday, April 18, 2011

A | Z - Original Art / Original Miniatures

Original Artwork!
The conflict on Mars book will have original art instead of photographs of games. The art is being done by James of Scrying Eye Games and Eli of I See Lead People. We are working hard to get quality WTNW products to our customers!

Original Miniatures!
We are proud to announce that with association of the packs already available from Rebel Minis and the Zyklops model from JFTM Enterprise we already carry that we are going to have original Infantry poses for the British and Germans. The infantry will be 2-3 poses each unit type with a mixture of advancing and standing poses.

The Conflict on Mars book will be available in May as a pdf download.

The Grays are already available from Rebel Minis and the Zyklops will be available from JTFM soon! The British, Germans and possibly French will be available soon!

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