Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Jupiter - Air Queen of Jupiter -

The Ice Queen sits upon her palace in the skydome over the noxious gases of Jupiter. Several floating cities surround the palace. The cities are made up of the crystal-like flora of Jupiter that grows into giant trees with massive orbs at the end of its branches. The roots of the trees go deep into the actual surface of Jupiter but since no one has ever actually made it back from an expedition to the surface the Air Queen’s Royal scientists are unable to discern exactly how they are tethered to the group.

She maintains a fleet of airships that are deployed around Jupiter and its many moons. Only the hydrowhales live on Jupiter and they eat a diet of mainly pores air flora.  The hydrowhale and its relatives live within the gas sea sky of Jupiter. The Air Queen’s Royal Air Patrol uses them as mounts. A breathing apparatus allows the gas mixture to be transformed by means of a well-kept scientific process to enable the riders to breath the noxious air.

The moons are home to a variety of human-like species and the Air Queen rules them as part of her expansive empire around Jupiter. The airships previously mentioned are not only used in protection but they are also used to ensure that there are no risings or rebellions against the Air Queen’s absolute authority. The hydrowhales are used as ferries between the moons of Jupiter as are the airships. The people of the moons of Jupiter either love or hate their Queen.

The secrets of the Air Queen and the Hydrobeasts will be revealed in a future supplement of WTNW: Air Queen of Jupiter.


  1. Sir,

    It is with deepest regrets that I am forced to admit that I am greatly tempted to steal, abscond, plagarize, swipe, lift , hork or otherwise "adapt" this setting for Adventurer.

    Yours in a fog of creative envy,

    D. Grognard, geek.

  2. @Doc - not a problem! I will really be getting into more detail about the Air Queen in the Jupiter supplement.

  3. He already stoll it from me! :)

    Actually I provided the idea for use in WTNW based on an idea I had for a home-brew VSF game.


  4. Eli is correct. He gave me a lot of inspiration for this. I have ran with it though to places that may even amaze him!

    Again thank you to everyone for contributing to WTNW. It would not be what it is without you all!