Monday, April 11, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Invaders

The Invaders came from outside the Earth. They came at first in cylinders that slammed into the rural areas around England, Austria, Spain and the United States. Quickly following the cylinders however were saucers manned by the Grays. The Overlords soon began assembling their tripod fighting machines and there was war that spanned the planet. This war was different for the Great Powers because the war was not for territory or resources but for the very survival of the human race. 


  1. And for one very brief shining moment mankind over game it's differences to unite ageist a common foe. Combined armies of the great powers and minor nations manned the barricades, erstwhile blood enemies counter attacked all over the globe. British Indian forces with Pathan support ambushed an enemy force in the Khyber Pass. Russian and Japanese forces took heavy losses but over came the enemy on the Kamchatka Peninsula. American, French, and British fleets inflected a severe defeat on the enemy of the coast of Cuba. Turkish and Persian forces drove the invaders out of Basra.

    The best minds that mankind could produce met in secret in a basement of a destroyed building
    in Zurich Switzerland, with prize pieces of captured alien technology. From this meeting and others around the world new weapons were fashioned to carry the fight to the enemy. Nor was this humanities only hope for in this crisis many otherwise unknown and untried inventors came to the fore. One young inventor, mechanical engineer, and electrical engineer named Nikola Tesla perfected his electrical death ray that disrupted the Grays saucers as well as the mind link that the Masters used to coordinate their attacks.

    The tables had at long last begin to turn....

  2. This will be added to the official storyline as it ties in nicely with the novel! Great work Don!