Friday, April 8, 2011

A | Z Challenge - French Noblewoman

Not to be trusted in WTNW.

   Late in the year of 1872, after months of intense effort began to develop a working plan, Captain De Medco felt he had given his country an advantage and had developed a legacy for his children.  Still, his heart was not satisfied and he felt something was missing after his wife of thirteen years had passed away. 

Fortunately for the captain, a young French noblewoman with long blonde locks and a ravishing body wooed him.  The affair only lasted weeks, but it devastated the lives of all involved.  Spanish authorities discovered that the young woman was a spy working for the court of Napoleon III.  

When the Spanish government learned of the affair through their own spy network, they court-martialed Juan De Medco.  He was convicted of espionage and treason and locked in a Spanish prison where he awaited execution.     

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