Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Expansions (for WTNW)

From Martians to Airpirates to Inner-Earth (Earthin) the When the Navy Walked game was written from the get-go as a game that you can expand! The first expansion will be the upcoming Conflict on Mars which features the Martians (both HG Wells types and ERB types) as well as some specials from the team at ACG. The setting takes place on a war-torn Mars and the Overlords watch and wait. The setting is full of new rules and scenarios.

The Airships and Airpirates game expansion will follow sometime later in the year. This expansion features rules for airship to airship only combat or can be mixed with the core rules and ground battles to give the game a truly 3d experience!

A Venus/Mercury supplement will cover the dinosaurs on Venus and the salamandermen of Mercury. This will be a supplement that will continue the background story of wtnw but will also give players more rules options. 

The Earthin and Atlantis book will feature the Inner Earth and the mystery of the Atlantians. Rules for dino battles and some more history and background on the airpirates. Adventures in Earthin and under the sea will be the focus of this supplement.

A Skirmish game will follow sometime next year and we have other surprises in store such as a pulp League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type game using the Pulp Alley rules and some other supplements and rules in the fire that are still being bandied about that may include work with other famous companies.

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  1. That can't fail to get people excited - it's a magical schedule. Salamandermen are new on me so I look forward to finding out more, on air combat and your take on the mysteries of the Earth too.

    On the subject of dino combat you might like Joesky's latest post: