Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Dr. Hopper

Dr. Hopper drilled to the center of the world in a massive landship that had the addition of a gigantic dilling head on the front nose. The machine tunneled past the crust and mantle to the very heart of the Earth. The journey was hazardous and there were some casualties among them Chip the Chimp who had become a favorite companion of Dr. Hopper's daughter Veronica.

Once at the core they found another world. Dr Hopper called this world Earthin. The world actually contained a sky and atmosphere of its own that was created from the geothermal activity. The water vapor from the geothermal activity produced large clouds that formed in the sky. Rain, hail and even sometimes violent thunderstorms precipitated from these condensed clouds.

At the center of this world was a massive sea that contained prehistoric reptiles and fishes. Lush Jurassic forests contained the flora and fauna of that period including the dinosaurs. There were Mountains and Rivers, steams and valleys, deserts and swamps all the terrain of Earth.

After some exploration Dr Hopper learned that Earthin was inhabited. The people in Earthin were divided into large tribal communities and some were almost as big as the nations topside. Dr. Hopper and his team spent many months learning, cataloging, exploring and living in Earthin.

Then the Air Pirates came...

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