Monday, April 4, 2011

A | Z Challenge - Capital Units

Airships and Landships are movable fortresses that are called Capital Units in the world of When the Navy Walked. They are the pride of the Great Powers and are used a platforms of conquest and terror. Most Capital Units have multiple aether displacers and anthracite coal burners that enable them to move faster, further. 

It takes men to run these great beasts - lots of them. A normal airship would have a compliment of at least 100 souls that operate the inner workings of the beast. It is the responsibility of the people in the pilot house to ensure that the craft is level and flies smoothly. It is the responsibility of the person in navigation that the great aetherships navigate through the blanket-like folds of the aether without error. It is the responsibility and duty of the gunners to take it to the enemy. There are people within the housing of the great steam works and it is the master mechanic that keeps the entire mobile fortress aloft.

The Capital Unit is the pinnacle of achievement for the Great Powers and to destroy one is to bring shame upon the army that employs it. The Capital Unit is for many a symbol of pride and a symbol of authority. May those that have the honor of working within one of these great machines truly be warriors!



  1. Brilliantly written and a true insight. It brings the idea alive. Too often a model is just a model and not necessarily seen as the thing it represents. A good reminder.

  2. Where did you get this amazing 15mm Lanship?

  3. @porky - Thanks! I am using the A | Z Challenge to show off WTNW.

    @Fjodin - It is the bridge layer model from Atlantis with some modifications.