Friday, April 1, 2011

WTNW introduces Bunnies!

The newest addition to our WTNW family is Fluffy Bunnies! That's right. Now you too can cause your opponent to become so completely enamored with cuteness with the Fluffy Bunny. There's more!

The Edge: Kill Them With Kindness has been specifically created for your bunny army. It only costs 2 points per stand and causes the opponent to have to make a Command Check or they must start gushing in admiration of the cuteness.

The bunny however is subject to the opponents edge:Rabbit Season which also costs 2 points per stand and causes any unit with Kill Them With Kindness to automatically lose one stand anytime this unit is within its shooting range.

The person with the Rabbit Season has to say "ahahahwah we're huntin wabbits" or the person with the fluffy bunnies automatically gets to call in the Cadbury Bunny who demolishes the Rabbit Season foxes and causes much despair.

Get it now!


  1. Could this become a new standard?

    That last pic needs to do the rounds. Bunnies have teeth too.

  2. @Porky - We strive for excellence.

  3. Was going to ask this on your kingmaker post but there didnt seem to be a place to comment. What is a Cat Sorcerer?